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New Jersey, USA, 08831


Training services at Flysoft Inc. aims at giving 100% to both individual and organization level. The training imparted concentrates on the key requirements of individual and organization thereby ensuring that the required skills are 100% acquired.

Flysoft Training Services has developed expertise in developing strategies for Temporary Staffing as per the requirement in the company. The HR Professionals of the company work in close coordination with the clients and assess the requirements of varied temporary posts and provide suitable candidates within the shortest time possible.

Our recruitment procedure is rigorous, cost-effective and broken down into various steps like prescreening, and skill-check.

Our trainers are.

  • Professionally Qualified
  • Well experienced / Certified
  • Proven Corporate Training track record
  • Both Theory & Project expertise
  • Multi-skilled Trainers


  • Study material.
  • Practical Assistance
  • Attendance Details
  • Training assisted by using powerpoint presentation
  • Assessments
  • Feedback based evaluation system

Some of the key goals of our lab exercises are to:

  • Keep students interested.
  • Enhance long-term retention of concepts & issues.
  • Make concepts more applicable to real-world applications.
  • Allow flexibility for differing skill levels and goals.
  • Ensure maximum interaction between students and Instructors.
  • Feedback based evaluation system


  • Course content is focused and relevant
  • Extensive use of effective hands-on lab exercises to strategically reinforce and apply concepts
  • Friendly, courteous, expert instruction in a relaxed, professional learning-oriented atmosphere
  • Our unique training methodology, strategically integrates course content, sequence, key concepts, and lab exercises together to systematically produce superior results (more learning, better retention and understanding, and an improved ability to apply concepts in the real world).
  • 5. Ensure maximum interaction between students and Instructors.
  • Feedback based evaluation system