9 Davison Ave, Suite 11, Jamesburg,
New Jersey, USA, 08831


Flysoft inc. is a global firm providing innovative and robust end to end solutions in consulting, technology and outsourcing?

We are passionate about revealing strategic and technological insights to enterprises. We help enterprises cope with changing world by providing innovative and breakthrough solutions in cutting edge technologies including big data, mobile, and cloud computing, with a unique combination of creativity, strategic thinking, leadership, and expertise while keeping costs in control.

Get your perfect solution.

Flysoft has extensive expertise in the areas of Advisory, Managed and Implementation services. With our sound experience in providing enterprise software solutions in multiple horizontals and verticals, we are well positioned to identify the right solution for your own unique set-up.

Our Strengths

  • A passionate approach towards technology and a quench and ability to innovate constantly.
  • Domain specialists in areas like Project Management, Healthcare, Banking, Insurance, Retail, Life Sciences, Learning Solutions, SCM, CRM, etc.
  • Excellent implementation track records across demographically and culturally diverse clients worldwide.
  • Highly qualified team of technical experts drawn from the best Technology Institutes.
  • Extensive technical resources covering a wide range of platforms, operating environments, packages including legacy technologies.
  • Advantage of being a part of the product development team. We help build the product and expedite the process of problem-solving.
  • Ability to handle complex business systems and provide high-level, seasoned advice reflects in our projects.
  • Using our extensive global offshore infrastructure, offsite teams and an effective delivery process, we provide a global delivery model at a cost advantage.

With a reputed, experienced and strong management team, we promote a unique business culture and an excellent working environment through our focus on customer care.

Encouraged with our continued success in the US market, we are geared towards moving into Europe and UK markets and are looking to set up offices there shortly.

At Flysoft, the experiences we deliver flow from a culture that is rooted in our Mission, Vision and Values.


Honesty, ethics and integrity guide our behavior and decisions.

Our commitment to quality is uncompromising. We recognize that it is not our own, but our customers’ perceptions of quality that are most important.

“If it is ethical and enhances customer satisfaction, do it.”


Committed to being the ultimate in customer satisfaction… and nothing less!


In a world of continuously evolving technology, we work to ensure that our customers do not feel the disruptive impact of technology change.