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Tracks Information System 1.0

The Tracks Information System (TIS) 1.0 is a cloud based next generation tool for companies to leverage cutting technologies and help in achieving their goals and increase profits with quick turn around time. Its an intuitive online portal comprising of two modules:

  1. Sales Tracks Portal (STP) integrates the employees of companies looking for projects and their sales team, providing the sales & marketing solution to companies to increase corp to corp network and thus aims at generating profits to companies by utilizing existing contacts. Allocate consultants to different sales teams based on location, experience, skills, domain knowledge and title. This modules aids companies Management to track the performance of sales & marketing team, and also arrive at a decision on current technological demands in the market.
  2. Timesheet Tracks Portal (TTP) is to track accurate time and expense entries by employees, in a fraction of the time required by paper-based timesheets. Timesheets can be configured to meet your organization’s unique needs, accommodating both simple and complex time tracking. Track employee hours more accurately and efficiently by integrating to your HR/Payroll systems with simple and intuitive automation of proven timesheet processes. The intuitive interface and provisions to pre-populate timesheets with time entry codes ensure fast and accurate time and expense entry by employees.


  • Define Resource wait-time Thresholds and targets for sales & marketing team
  • Resource Forecasting & Scheduling
  • Resource Sharing
  • Project Forecasting & Scheduling
  • Manage Unlimited Resource Pool
  • Categorize Resources
  • Track Time and Attendance of employees


  • Simple, intuitive interface for sales & marketing teams to upload the employees list looking for projects, C2C agreement formats, NCAs.
  • Option for Sales team to share requirements from clients.
  • Option to share C2C bill rates, consultant profiles, share hot list etc.
  • Intuitive timesheet interface with pre-populated tasks and project codes for employees.
  • Option for users to choose if a task is billable on their timesheet.
  • Option to track, accrue vacation and time-off to consolidate and simplify time entry
  • Graphical display of target sales vs actual sales, billable targets vs. current billable status in real time on individual timesheets
  • Comments/Notes describing work performed associated with time entry.


  • Based on timesheets received, automatic billing/invoicing for multiple clients and resources.
  • Monitor the cost of sales team, billable rates based on projects, task, resources or roles in multi-currency
  • Associate consultants to clients and departments, different sales teams based on skills, experience, domain and location.
  • Flexibility to lock down projects and tasks as billable / non-billable or allow user during time entry to select billing option for work performed
  • Track project, client related expenses in multiple currencies.
  • Easily set and distribute individual billable hour targets.
  • Option to allow clients to login and approve timesheets. Can limit access security to clients.

Easy Integration with 3rd party systems

Easy integration with 3rd party systems like QuickBooks, Salesforce, ADP, Oracle EBS, Peoplesoft or any standard accounting package


Comprehensive security and access permissions to limit access as desired based on employees, sales teams, locations, clients and roles.

Email notification

Configurable automatic e-mail reminder and notifications with multiple e-mail templates

Powerful real-time reporting and analytical engine

  • Rich looking user friendly intuitive Dashboards, analysis and reports to different stake holders in the organization based on location, level of seniority, departments, and project team.
  • Schedule hourly, daily, weekly and monthly reports to monitor sales, timesheets, invoicing status, payments and receipts.
  • Create, save, and print reports as PDFs for easier file sharing.
  • Group users into categories to reflect the way your business operates and report by any group. Users can belong to multiple groups.
  • Graphical pivot reports allowing for easier digestion of data and makes sharing critical information easier with management.
  • Report on billable amount for each client
  • Create and save the report you want on the fly with the user-friendly reporting engine. Share the report if you wish with others or save it as private.
  • Reports can be downloaded to Excel for further analysis.